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What is a target? -- "neglected" core consumables

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Target is the target of sputtering coating  

Target material is one of the main materials for preparing thin films, which is mainly used in integrated circuits, flat panel displays, solar cells, recording media, intelligent glass, etc., which requires high purity and stability of materials.  Working principle of sputtering target materials, sputtering is one of the main technology of preparation of thin film materials, which makes use of the ion, ion source through accelerating gathered in a vacuum, and the formation of a high speed can ion beam, the bombardment of solid surface, ions and solid surface atomic momentum exchange, from solid surface atomic solid and deposition in the basal surface, as the solid bombarded sputtering target materials.  Target material development trend is: high sputtering rate, grain direction control, large size, high purity metal.  

Classification: Copper, aluminum, Molybdenum and ITO targets are the most common  

Copper, aluminum, molybdenum and ITO are the most widely used target materials.ITO Target -- FUNCMATER  

(1) According to the shape classification, there are mainly long target, square target and round target.  

(2) According to the classification of chemical composition, there are mainly single metal target, alloy target, ceramic compound target.  

(3) According to the classification of application field, there are mainly semiconductor target, flat panel display target, solar cell target, etc.  

High purity sputtering targets are concentrated in flat panel display, information storage, solar cells and chips, accounting for 94% in total.  Chip certification for the target material requirements are the most stringent.    (1) Chip target material is the key raw material for manufacturing integrated circuits, and also the target material with the highest technical requirements.  From the technical requirements, the semiconductor target requires ultra-high purity metal, high precision size, high integration degree, etc., often select high purity copper, high purity aluminum, high purity titanium, high purity tantalum, copper manganese alloy, etc., integrated circuit chips usually require aluminum target purity above 5N5.  (2) The raw materials of flat panel display targets include high-purity aluminum, copper, molybdenum, etc., as well as tin-doped indium oxide (ITO), which is mainly used for HDTV and laptop computers.  The technology of flat panel display target requires high purity, large area and good uniformity.  The purity of aluminum target in flat panel display is usually above 5N.  (3) Information storage target material has high storage density, high transmission speed and other characteristics.  (4) Raw materials of tool-modified target materials include pure metal chromium, chrome-aluminum alloy, etc., which are mainly used for surface strengthening of tools and molds, with higher performance requirements and longer service life.

Target material industry chain is basically pyramid distribution.  The industrial chain is mainly divided into metal purification, target material manufacturing, sputtering coating, terminal application four links.  Among them, sputtering coating is the most technically demanding link in the whole industrial chain.  The quality of sputtering film has an important effect on the quality of downstream products. Terminal application is the largest area in the whole industry chain, including semiconductor chips, flat panel displays, solar cells and other fields.


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