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A magnetron sputtering method for preparation of silver tin oxide composite coating
Our company have developed a magnetron sputtering method for preparation of silver tin oxide composite coating.Using magnetron sputtering were sputtering technology, based on the optimization of membrane-based gradient interface transition zone and sedimentary process parameter control and coordination, make the silver tin oxide composite coating can be achieved in the process of sedimentary basement and in combination with the solid coating, and can be released in a timely manner in the process of deposition coating stress, ensure the continuous growth of coating.The silver tin oxide coating prepared by this method has good contact resistance and surface roughness, and the nano-sized tin oxide is evenly distributed in the silver matrix, which can significantly improve the arc ablative resistance and service life compared with the traditional process.This invention method has less working procedure, high efficiency, green environment protection, simple operation of equipment, and good industrial application prospect.