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Tungsten Tantalum alloy (WTa)-Sputtering Target

  • WTa
  • 747300ST
  • 99.95%
  • 12 mm dia. x 8 mm th.


Tungsten alloy is an alloy with tungsten as the base and other elements.In metal, tungsten has the highest melting point, high temperature strength and creep resistance and thermal conductivity, conductive and electron emission performance are good, than major, in addition to a large number of used in the manufacture of cemented carbide and for alloy additive, tungsten and its alloys are widely used in electronics, electric light source industry, also in the aerospace, casting, weapons, etc. Used in rocket nozzle, die-casting molds, armor-piercing core and contact, such as heating element and heat shield.


According to different USES, tungsten alloys are divided into cemented carbide, high-specific alloy, metal sweating material, contact material, electronic and electric light source material.