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Sputtering target material used in semiconductor industry

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In today's semiconductor manufacturing process, sputtering target is undoubtedly the most important raw material, and its quality and purity play a key role in the subsequent production quality of the semiconductor industry chain.  

In all the applications of sputtering target, the technical requirements and purity requirements of semiconductor are the highest, obviously higher than other applications such as flat panel display and solar cell.  Of course, its target material is also the most expensive.  

Semiconductor chipsets have very strict standards for the purity of metal materials and the internal microstructure of sputtering target.  If the content of impurities in the sputtering target is too high, the film formed cannot achieve the desired electrical properties.  Moreover, in the sputtering process, it is very likely to form fine particles on the wafer, resulting in circuit short circuit or damage, seriously affect the performance of the film.  

Chip manufacturing requires the highest purity of sputtering target metal, usually up to 99.9995%, flat panel displays and solar cells only need 99.999% and 99.995% respectively.  In addition to purity, the internal microstructure of sputtering target is also very strict.  In order to produce products that meet the technological requirements, it is necessary to master the key technologies in the production process and practice them for a long time.  

A common sputtering target used in the manufacture of semiconductor chips  

The manufacturing process of semiconductor chips can be roughly divided into silicon wafer manufacturing, wafer manufacturing and chip packaging, among which, metal sputtering targets are needed in both wafer manufacturing and chip packaging.  

The main types of metal sputtering targets used in the semiconductor chip industry include: copper, tantalum, aluminum, titanium, cobalt and tungsten and other high-purity sputtering targets, as well as nickel, platinum, tungsten and titanium alloy sputtering targets.  

Copper and tantalum targets are usually used together.  The demand for copper and tantalum targets is expected to continue to grow as wafer fabrication moves towards smaller processes and copper wire processes are increasingly used.  

Aluminum and titanium targets are usually used together.  At present, a large number of aluminum and titanium targets are still needed in the fields of automotive electronic chips which require technical nodes above 110nm to ensure their stability and anti-interference.  

We also offer a wide range of compound semiconductor materials ranging in purity from 99.99% to 99.99999%.  These materials are available in a variety of forms, including powder, pellet, pellet and sputtering target.  Industrial applications include semiconductors, semiconductor wafers, electroluminescence, thermoelectronics, electronics, infrared, solar power generation and high performance alloy production.


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