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Learn basics of aluminum sputtering target

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Aluminum target is a kind of sputtering target used in vacuum coating industry. It is a product of high purity aluminum after a series of processing. It has a specific size and shape of high purity aluminum material, which is installed in the vacuum coating machine and sputtered into film.

Classification of aluminum targets

Aluminum targets are classified into plane aluminum targets and rotating aluminum targets.

Flat aluminum targets are flaky, round, square, etc.

Rotary aluminum target is tubular, high utilization efficiency, but not easy to process, through high purity aluminum extrusion, stretching, straightening heat treatment, machining and other processing processes in order to finally produce the finished aluminum rotary target.

Aluminum target material profile

Aluminium target material

Common purity: 99.99% 99.9% (3 N)/(4 N) / 99.999% (5N)/ 99.9999% (6N)

Common size: 100*40mm

Maximum size: 3000mm long

Aluminum target production method

1. Aluminum production and purification: Aluminum is extracted from bauxite Al2O3, and then obtained by electrolysis in molten cryolite. The purity is generally above 99%, but such purity of aluminum can not be used as raw materials for the production of aluminum target. The first and most important requirement for aluminum target is high purity. The high purity aluminum used for aluminum target material is produced by segregation method, three-layer electrolysis method or combined regional melting method. The price is much more expensive than that of industrial pure aluminum 99.7. The highest purity in China is 99.9999% (6N).

2. Aluminum target deformation treatment: with high purity aluminum ingot as raw materials, forging, rolling, heat treatment of raw materials, so that the aluminum ingot grain finer, resulting in increased density to meet the requirements of the sputtering aluminum target.

3. The deformation of high purity aluminum material after mechanical processing, aluminum target processing requirements of high precision, high surface quality, processing into the vacuum coating machine required by the size of the target can be, aluminum target and coating machine to connect with thread.

Aluminum target material applications

Suitable for DC dipole sputtering, tripole sputtering, four level sputtering, RF sputtering, target sputtering, ion beam sputtering, magnetron sputtering, etc., can be plated reflective film, conductive film, semiconductor film, capacitor film, decorative film, protective film, integrated circuit, display, relative to other targets, aluminum target price is low, Therefore, aluminum target is the preferred target material under the premise of satisfying the function of film layer.