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Titanium Aluminum Carbide (Ti3AlC2) - Powder

  • 196506-01-1
  • Ti3AlC2
  • 22130600PD
  • 99%,99.9%
  • -200 mesh.

Titanium aluminum carbide (Ti3AlC2) belongs to the hexagonal crystal system, and has the characteristics of metal and ceramics: it has the same conductivity and heat conduction as metal, but also has the same high elastic modulus and excellent high-temperature mechanical properties as ceramic, with good conductivity and heat conduction capability, high elastic modulus and low Vickers hardness, and good damage resistance capability. It can be machined at room temperature and produce plastic deformation at high temperature. It also has good high temperature stability and oxidation resistance. It also has good thermal shock resistance, damage resistance and excellent chemical corrosion resistance.


MAX phases are important precursors for synthesizing MXene, a highly conductive 2-dimentional nanomaterial. MXenes are produced by selective etching of the A element from the MAX phases. It combine the metallic conductivity of transition metal carbides with the hydrophilic nature of their hydroxyl or oxygen terminated surfaces. Ti3AlC2 MAX phase is one of the most used MAX phase for MXene (Ti3C2Tx).