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Aluminum Metal (Al)-Powder

  • 7429-90-5

  • Al

  • 1300PD

  • 99.9%,99.99 %

  • 45μm,- 325 mesh.

  • 231-072-3

  • Class 4.3

  • UN1396

  • PG II


What is aluminum powder?

Aluminum powder, commonly known as "silver powder", that is, silver metallic pigment, is made of pure aluminum foil with a small amount of lubricant added, crushed into scaly powder by pounding, and then polished.  Aluminum powder is light and has high buoyancy, strong covering power, and good reflection performance on light and heat.  After processing, it can also become non-floating aluminum powder.  Aluminum powder can be used to identify fingerprints and can also be used as fireworks.

Aluminum powder is a large category of metallic pigments due to its wide use, large demand and variety.

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Classification and use of aluminum powder:

Product Usage:

The aluminum powder particles used for pigments are scaly, and it is precisely because of this scaly particle state that aluminum powder has metallic color and shielding function.  The industrial production of metal aluminum powder has existed for a long time.  The early production method is the ramming method.  The aluminum scraps are placed in the groove of the ramming machine, and the ramming pestle is driven by the machine to continuously punch the aluminum scraps in the groove.  The ductile aluminum is gradually turned into flakes and broken under the impact, and after the aluminum becomes very thin and fine, it is screened, and the desired aluminum powder is taken out as a product.  The production efficiency of the ramming method is very low, the product quality is not easy to grasp, and there is a lot of dust in the production process, which is very easy to catch fire and explode.  In 1894, Hamtag, Germany used a ball mill to produce aluminum powder.  Steel balls, aluminum scraps and lubricants were placed in the ball mill.  The flying steel balls were used to break the aluminum scraps into scaly aluminum powder, which was filled with inertia in the ball mill and in the pipeline.  For gas, this method is still used and is called "dry production".  In 1910, J. Hall of the United States invented the addition of petroleum solvent to the ball mill to replace the inert gas, and the produced aluminum powder was mixed with the solvent into a paste to become a paste-like aluminum powder pigment.  It is convenient and quickly adopted by countries all over the world.  The vast majority of modern aluminum powder pigments use this method, which is also called "wet method".


Extra fine aluminum powder

The grades are LFT1, LFT2, the precision is 0.07~0, and the raw material is pure aluminum ingot. Main application: Mainly used as fuel for rocket propulsion in aerospace industry, and also used as primary raw material for military explosives, etc.

Superfine aluminum powder

The grades are FLT1, FLT2, the precision is 16~30um, and the raw material is pure aluminum ingot. Main application: Raw material for exterior metallic paint for high-end automobiles, mobile phones, motorcycles and bicycles.

Steelmaking aluminum powder

The grades are FLG1, FLG2, FLG3, and the particle size is 0.35~0, which can be produced from scrap aluminum. Main application: steelmaking degassing and deoxidizing.

Fine aluminum powder

The grades are FLX1, FLX2, FLX3, FLX4, and the particle size is 0.35~0. Main use: used in chemical industry, fireworks and firecrackers, etc.

Fireworks Aluminum Magnesium Powder

The grades are FLMY1, FLMY2, FLMY3, FLMY4, and the particle size is 0.16~0. Can be produced from scrap aluminum. Main use: fireworks powder.

Coating aluminum powder

Mainly use dry work, use anti-corrosion, anti-rust melting paint, and produce fireworks and firecrackers. And with high-grade waste wire can produce ordinary coating aluminum powder.

Aluminum Magnesium alloy powder

The grades are: FLM1, FLM2. Main uses: fireworks, firecrackers, military explosives.

Ball milled aluminum powder

The grades are FLQ1, FLQ2, FLQ3, and the particle size is 0.08~0. Main use: used in chemical industry, foundry, fireworks.



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