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Indium Tin Oxide (In2O3-SnO2)-Rotary Sputtering Target

  • 50926-11-9
  • ITO
  • 4908500800RT
  • ≥99.99%
  • Customized


Indium tin oxide (ITO) conductive film has good optical transmittance and conductivity, which is widely used in the field of touch screen. It is the basic material of resistive and projection capacitive touch panels, and the downstream market of its industrial chain is touch modules and touch panels.The upstream is the optical grade PET base film, target material and coating liquid and other chemical raw materials.From the touch screen technology route, divided into two types of hanging and embedded.Hanging capacitive screen technology has two kinds of film type and glass type;The embedded capacitive screen technology is mainly In-cell and On-cell two.


Mainly used in TN, STN type liquid crystal display and touch screen, semiconductor electronics, thin film solar energy industry, building glass.