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Aluminum Scandium Alloy (AlSc)-Sputtering Target

  • AlSc
  • 132100ST
  • 99.9 %-99.99 %
  • 6 inch dia x 0.125 inch th.etc


Scandium Aluminum alloy is a kind of high performance aluminum alloy, the aluminum alloy to add trace scandium, can promote grain refining, improve the recrystallization temperature of 250 ℃ ~ 280 ℃, is a strong grain refinement of aluminium alloy agent and a potent recrystallization inhibitors, obvious influence on the structure and properties of alloy, its strength, hardness, weldability and corrosion resistance is greatly improved.Scandium has a good dispersion strengthening effect on aluminum. It is a non-recrystallized structure which is stable in hot working or annealing state. Some of the alloys are cold-rolled sheets with large deformation and still maintain this structure even after annealing.


It is mainly used for welding load structural parts of aerospace, aviation and naval ships, as well as aluminum alloy pipes, railway oil tanks and key structural parts of high-speed trains for alkaline corrosive medium environment.