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Aluminum Beryllium (AlBe) - Ingot

  • AlBe
  • 130400IG
  • 99.9%

Beryllium aluminium alloy is an aluminium-containing beryllium-based alloy. Generally, the aluminum content is 25% to 43% (mass). Density 2.10g/cm3. There are two grades LX-62 and LX59-3. The tensile strength is 524-670MPa, the yield strength is 479-516MPa, and the elongation is 3.7%-4.3%. It is produced by powder metallurgy extrusion and rolling process. Used in missiles, rockets, ultra-high-speed structures, aircraft brakes and electronic computer disk drives.

Beryllium aluminum alloy contains about 2-6% beryllium. Beryllium aluminum alloy is an additive required for magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy smelting. Magnesium alloy usually needs 8-20ppm, and aluminum alloy needs 8-15ppm. Its functions are:

  1. Improve the cleaning, fluidity and corrosion resistance of magnesium and aluminum;

  2. Protect the oxidation and combustion of magnesium and aluminum, and reduce the oxidation loss of elements;

  3. Improve the structure of the alloy, refine the grain and increase the strength.

Beryllium aluminum alloy containing about 60% beryllium is mainly used in aerospace and aviation frame materials.