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Zinc Oxide (ZnO) - Nanoparticles

  • 1314-13-2
  • ZnO
  • 300800NPD
  • >99.9%
  • 30nm, 50nm, 90nm
  • 215-222-5
  • Class 9
  • UN3077
  • PG III

Color: White

Form: Subsphaeroidal

BET: 63 (m2/g)

Bulk Density: 0.58 (g/cm3)

Technical Description of zinc oxide powder

High purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low loose density, gas phase preparation, overcome the market wet chemical preparation of particles hard agglomeration, difficult to disperse, low purity shortcomings;  

Table high activity, with shielding infrared, ultraviolet and sterilization health care, cooling or warm many strange functions;  

Rubber industry effective inorganic active agent and vulcanization promoter, in rubber application has the characteristics of fast vulcanization speed, high conversion rate of zinc sulfide, can greatly improve the finish of rubber products, mechanical strength, temperature and aging resistance, especially wear resistance;  

Application of zinc oxide powder

1. Paint, rubber, latex and plastic, can be used in cosmetics sunscreen, antibacterial, moisturizing, convergence, health care anti-aging;  Uv shielding in functional fiber, textile, coating and plastic products;  Sealant, glass ceramics, pharmaceutical industry, anti-corrosion, waterproof, sterilization;  Rubber, plastic, coating and other fields, excellent electrical conductivity, good heat insulation effect.  

2. Antibacterial agent and deodorant materials, medicine and health, textile sterilization materials, glass and ceramic sterilization self-cleaning materials, pharmaceutical industry sterilization dressings;  

3. Electronic instrument industry, manufacturing electrical parts, radio, wireless fluorescent lamp, image recorder, resistance meter, fluorescent body;  

4. Functional fiber, textile;  

5. Military industry: infrared absorption materials;  

6. Nano zinc oxide added to rubber can make rubber products wear resistance, tear resistance, good mechanical properties.  In addition, it can also manufacture antibacterial self-cleaning ceramics, floor tiles, paints, coatings, plastics and so on.  Nano zinc oxide can also be used in advanced national defense industry, electronic industry and instrument industry, manufacturing high voltage devices, radio antenna, fluorescent lamp, image recorder, pharmaceutical industry sterilization dressing, etc.  

The company can carry out targeted surface treatment package, so that nano alumina powder can be stably dispersed in the solvent system, the formation of transparent or translucent sol, applied in coatings, glass surface, electronic packaging, etc.



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