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Zinc Metal (Zn)-Powder

  • 7440-66-6

  • Zn

  • 3000PD

  • 99.9%-99.99%

  • -325 mesh

  • 231-175-3

  • Class 4.3

  • UN1436

  • II (1-50 microns), III (50-1000 microns)


Metal Zinc Powder

Product properties: 

Molecular formula: Zn; Molecular weight: 65.38 Physical properties: Light gray metal fine powder. Density: 7.14g/cm3

Due to dangerous materials, the delivery date cannot be fully guaranteed (maybe extended). Don't hesitate to contact us for details.

Chemical properties: 

Insoluble in water, soluble in acid and alkali, slowly soluble in acetic acid and ammonia. It has strong reducibility and releases hydrogen with acid and alkali. Moisture agglomerates, stable in dry air, white basic carbonate is formed in moist air and covers the surface. It burns in the air with a blue-green flame, producing zinc oxide. High purity reacts slowly with sulfuric acid and nitric acid, and accelerates when it contains a small amount of other metals such as steel, tin, and lead.

Products Features:

It has the characteristics of high metal zinc content and low content of other impurity elements. The total zinc content is more than 99% and the metal zinc content is more than 96%.

Powder characteristics: 

Strong reduction, stable chemical properties in dry air. High metal zinc content, low impurity content, smooth particle surface, large specific surface area, and low bulk powder density.

Product Applications:

Organic, inorganic chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, reducing agent, propellant and other industries.

Chemical production: used as a reducing agent in the production of hydrosulfite (sodium sulfoxylate), lithopone (zinc barium white), carved white block (sodium sulfoxylate formaldehyde), dye intermediates, etc. Zinc powder is slightly coarse, with an average particle size of 10-12 μm.

Production of zinc anti-corrosion coatings: the main use of anti-corrosion metal zinc for steel components, coating methods include hot-dip, electroplating, thermal spraying, zinc-rich coatings, powder plating, etc., of which hot-dip is the most important method. Zinc-rich coatings are mainly used for the coating of large-scale components that are not suitable for hot-dip and electroplating, such as large-scale outdoor steel structures (ocean engineering, bridges, pipelines, highway guardrails, etc.), ships, containers, etc. According to the different film-forming base materials, zinc-rich coatings can be divided into organic zinc-rich coatings and inorganic zinc-rich coatings. Organic zinc-rich coatings are commonly used in epoxy esters, epoxy resins, chlorinated rubbers, vinyl series resins and polyurethane resins as film-forming binders, and the content of zinc powder in the dry film is as high as 85%-92%. Inorganic zinc-rich paint is based on water-based lithium silicate, water-based potassium silicate, ethyl orthosilicate or cement slurry, etc. The content of zinc powder in the dry film reaches 92%. The average particle size of zinc powder for coating is 2-3μm and 5-7μm. The powder has a narrow particle size distribution and good dispersibility.

Mechanical plating and galvanizing production: mainly used for screws, iron nails, iron wires, shooting nails, etc.

Hydrometallurgy: used for solution purification and metal replacement recovery, such as refining gold, silver, and non-ferrous metals.

Medicines and pesticides: Zinc powder is used as a reducing agent to produce salicylic acid, indomethacin, aminopyrine, etc., and as a raw material for the production of dysenzinc, zinc phosphide, and high-efficiency and low-toxicity chrysanthemum pesticides.

Packaging and Storage

It is packed in steel drums and woven bags lined with plastic bags, with a net weight of 50KG per drum (bag), or according to customer requirements.

Shipping and Storage:

1. Zinc powder should be protected from moisture, fire, impact and drop during transportation.

2. Zinc powder (susceptible to moisture and agglomeration) should be stored in a ventilated, dry, fireproof place



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