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Nano Molybdenum Carbide (Mo2C) - Powder

  • 12627-57-5
  • Mo2C
  • 420600NPD
  • >99.0% & >99.2%
  • 100 & 800
  • 235-733-7

Color: Ash Black & Dark grey

Form: Hexahedron

BET: 31.9 & 8.24 (m2/g)

Bulk Density: 3.41 & 4.17 (g/cm3)

Technical Description of Molybdenum Carbide

Nanomolybdenum carbide powder and ultrafine molybdenum carbide powder were prepared by gas phase method with variable current laser ion beam. They belong to dense hexagonal lattice (A =3.004 A, C =4.722 A) and face-center cubic lattice (lattice constant 4.14 A). They can not react with anoxic acid, but dissolve in nitric acid and aqueous regia, and precipitate carbon.  Density 9.18g/cm3, melting point 2690±500C.

Nano-molybdenum carbide powder has high melting point, high hardness, good thermal and mechanical stability, good corrosion resistance.

Application of Molybdenum Carbide

1.Nanometer molybdenum carbide powder, ultrafine molybdenum carbide powder can be used as coating materials, can also be used as additive materials, used in a variety of high temperature resistance, friction resistance and chemical corrosion resistance and other fields;

2.Nano-ultrafine molybdenum carbide powder can be mixed with nano-ultrafine tungsten carbide, adding appropriate lanthanide, sintering cemented carbides production method, can get good distribution of bonding phase, dense and refined molybdenum carbides.