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Bismuth Titanate - What Is It? How Does it Work?

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Bismuth titanate is a chemical with the formula Bi4Ti3O12.

Physical and chemical properties of Bismuth Titanate

Appearance: Light yellow powder

Molecular formula: Bi2O11Ti4

Molecular weight: 785.42200

Accurate mass: 785.69700

PSA: 148.57000

Storage conditions: room temperature sealed, sheltered from light, ventilated and dry place

Stability: stable under normal temperature and pressure, avoid light, open flame, high temperature

Properties of Bismuth Titanate

An aerobic octahedral layered structure compound containing bismuth, ferroelectric, optically biaxial crystal.

In the ferroelectric phase, they exhibit strong spontaneous polarization values and are crystals with multiple domain walls.

Single crystal is grown by fluxing or hydrothermal method. Mainly used for information memory, holographic memory encoder and so on.

Bismuth titanate ferroelectric ceramics

Bismuth titanate ferroelectric ceramics is a kind of ferroelectric ceramics containing bismuth layer structure which is used to make high temperature and high frequency electronic components and high frequency piezoelectric vibrators.


Titanium dioxide and bismuth trioxide were sintered at 1300℃.

Composition and composition of Bismuth Titanate

The chemical formula is Bi4TiO12. It corresponds to a specific component of the general formula of bismuth layered structure. The monocell consists of two bismuth trioxide layers with three diperovskite layers between them. It has the advantages of high Curie temperature (about 675℃), low relative dielectric constant (about 180) and good stability. After polarization has piezoelectric property, piezoelectric constant d33=20×10-12C/N.

Characteristics of Bismuth Titanate

1. High Curie temperature;

2. Low dielectric constant;

3. High stability.

Applications of Bismuth Titanate

It can be used as high temperature and high frequency electronic core devices. Polarized bismuth titanate ceramics have piezoelectric properties, and the piezoelectric constant d is about 20×10-7C/N. The high frequency piezoelectric vibrator with high anisotropy is suitable for thickness vibration