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What are the elements in aluminium sulfide?

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Aluminum sulfide, also known as aluminum trisulfide, is an inorganic compound with a chemical formula of Al2S3 and a molecular weight of 150.16. It is a white needle-like crystal at room temperature and pressure, which can be hydrolyzed in hot water to form aluminum hydroxide precipitation and hydrogen sulfide, and can also be slowly hydrolyzed in humid air, so it has the smell of hydrogen sulfide. This product is often yellow-gray dense powder mixed with impurities. This product is usually prepared by mixing and heating sulfur and aluminum.

Aluminium sulfide basic information

Chinese name: 硫化铝

Foreign name: Aluminum sulfide

Chemical formula: Al2S3

Molecular weight: 150.16

CAS accession number: 1302-81-4

EINECS Accession Number: 215-109-0

Melting point: 1100 ℃ (101 kPa)

Boiling point: 1500 ℃ (101 kPa)

Density: 2.02 g/cm³ (101 kPa, 25℃)

Appearance: slightly yellow particles

Properties: Yellow hexagonal crystal system. When heated, it corrodes the porcelain slightly, and releases hydrogen sulfide and white aluminum hydroxide with the smell of rotten eggs when exposed to water or moisture. It can be reduced to aluminum by iron or hydrocarbons, and when it encounters sulfur dioxide, it generates sulfur and aluminum sulfate.

Aluminum sulphide chemical properties

In contact with water or moisture, it releases rotten-egg-smelling hydrogen sulfide and white aluminum hydroxide.


It can be reduced to aluminum by iron under heating:


Aluminum trisulfide preparation

The only preparation method:

2Al+3S==△==Al2S3 (Al2S3 cannot exist in aqueous solution)

Or put the aluminum scraps in the hydrogen sulfide flow in a quartz tube and heat it at 600--630 degrees for 5 hours, and then maintain the high temperature of 1000 degrees for 12 hours. The purity of this method is very high.

Handling and Storage

Operation precautions: closed operation, local exhaust. Operators must undergo special training and strictly abide by operating procedures. It is recommended that operators wear self-priming filter dust masks, chemical safety goggles, anti-virus infiltration work clothes, and rubber gloves. Avoid generating dust. Avoid contact with oxidants. Light loading and unloading during transportation to prevent package damage. Equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment. Empty containers may be harmful residues. Storage Precautions: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat sources. should be kept away from oxidizer, do not store together. Storage areas should be provided with suitable materials to contain spills.

Aluminium sulfide applications

For the preparation of a waterproof and thermal insulation coating

Preparation of a concrete waterproofing agent

Preparation of a carbon fiber reinforced aluminum matrix composite material

Preparation of a silicon carbide titanium matrix composite material