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The amazing properties of thulium oxide

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Thulium oxide is a white or light yellow cubic crystal with the molecular formula Tm₂O₃. When heated, it becomes a glossy red color, and when heated for a long time, it can become yellowish white. Melting point is 2392 ℃. Insoluble in water, but slowly dissolved in strong acids.

Thulium oxide physical and chemical properties

Melting point: 2425ºC

Molecular formula: O3Tm2

Molecular weight: 385.867

Exact Mass: 385.853149

PSA: 43.37000

Appearance: white or light yellow cubic crystal

Storage conditions: Should be stored in a ventilated, dry warehouse.

Stability: Insoluble in water, can be slowly dissolved in strong acid. Insoluble in water and alkali solutions, but soluble in inorganic acids (except HF and H3PO4) to produce the corresponding salt. It absorbs CO2 and H2O in the air to form basic carbonates. Used for preparation of X - ray luminescence materials, garnet type laser materials, rare earth glass laser materials and magnetic bubble materials.

Thulium oxide lump preparation

Extraction method: The mixed rare earth obtained by decomposition of brown yttrium niobium ore contains 50% Y2O3 and about 4% CeO2. Fed with rare earth nitrate solution after cerium removal, the yttrium rich rare earth is obtained by extraction with N263-L1N03 system. After acid dissolution, yttrium rich rare earth is extracted by N263-heavy solvent NH4 SCN system, and the raffinate is yttrium-rich rare earth. Thulium, ytterbium and lutetium of other heavy rare earth elements enter the organic phase, and then are extracted by thulium and lutetium group and extracted by reverse extraction. Thulium and ytterbium enter the aqueous phase, and are separated by oxalic acid precipitation, filtered and burned to obtain thulium oxide.

Thulium oxide application

Used for manufacturing portable X-ray transmission devices. It can also be used as a control material in a reactor.

Used IN THE production OF fluorescent materials, laser agents, electronic industry, scientific research, metal alloy, NDFEB permanent magnet materials, chemical additives.

Thulium oxide lump security information

Packed in polythene plastic bottle and protected by carton. Loog or 250g net per bottle. It should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse. Moisture proof and packing damage should be paid attention to during storage and transportation.


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