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Nano Tungsten Sulfide (WS2) - Powder

  • 12138-09-9
  • WS2
  • 741600NPD
  • 99.0%
  • 50nm
  • 235-243-3

Color: Black

Form: Subsphaeroidal

BET: 34.21(m2/g)

Bulk Density: 1.102 (g/cm3)

Technical Description of tungsten disulfide powder

Nano tungsten disulfide powder prepared by variable current laser ion beam gas phase method has high purity, narrow particle size distribution, high tungsten content and stable process yield. Ultrafine tungsten disulfide powder is a new lubricating material with excellent lubrication properties.  

Application of tungsten disulfide powder

1, Nano tungsten disulfide powder can be used as an additive for high temperature grease. After adding tungsten disulfide powder, the grease has high drop point, high oil film strength, low friction coefficient and other excellent properties.  Also used as additives for colored and black brushes in carbon industry.  It can also be applied to superhard materials and welding wire materials, as well as solid lubrication in aerospace (-270℃ ~ 1300 ℃, only WS2 can withstand this temperature in space lubrication), aviation, military and other fields;  

2, Nano tungsten disulfide can replace molybdenum disulfide and graphite application field, and more widely used.  Molybdenum and tungsten are homologous chemical elements. Tungsten is heavier than molybdenum and has more stable chemical properties.  

3, Nano tungsten disulfide powder as a solid additive for lubricating oil will be mixed with powder in 1% ~ 5% ratio of lubricating oil, can enhance the lubrication performance of lubricating oil and high temperature extreme pressure performance.  The use of tungsten disulfide particles adsorbed on the surface of the moving parts, can long-term, effectively reduce friction, improve lubricity, improve the drop point, enhance the performance of heavy duty;  

4, Nano tungsten disulfide powder as lubrication coating tungsten disulfide powder can be 0.8mpa (120psi) under pressure, through dry and cold air spraying on the surface of the matrix.  Spraying can be done at room temperature and the coating is 0.5 micron thick.  Alternatively, powder is mixed with isopropyl alcohol to apply a gooey substance to the substrate.  At present, tungsten disulfide coating has been used in many fields, such as automobile parts, racing engine parts, aviation parts, bearings, shafts, deep-sea transport tools, cutting tools, blades, cutters, knives, demoloming, high-precision bearings, valve components, pistons, chains and so on.  



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