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Tungsten Carbide (WC)-Powder

  • 12070-12-1
  • WC
  • 740600PD
  • 99.9%, 99.99%
  • - 325 mesh.
  • 235-123-0
  • Class 4.1
  • UN3178

Tugsten Carbide (WC) is an essential material for cemented carbide tools and wear resistant tools, etc.


Chemical formula:WC

Molar mass:195.85 g·mol−1

Appearance:Grey-black lustrous solid

Density:15.63 g/cm3

Melting point:2,785–2,830 °C (5,045–5,126 °F; 3,058–3,103 K)

Boiling point:6,000 °C (10,830 °F; 6,270 K) at 760 mmHg

Solubility in water:Insoluble


It is widely used in high speed cutting tools, kiln structure materials, jet engine components, cermet materials, resistance heating elements and so on.

Used in manufacturing cutting tools, wear - resistant parts, copper, cobalt, bismuth and other metal melting crucible, wear - resistant semiconductor film.

Used as super hard cutting tool material, wear - resistant material.It can form a solid solution with many carbides.WC-TiC-Co carbide tools have been widely used.It can also be used as a modified additive for carbides of nbc-c and tac-c ternary systems, which can not only reduce sintering temperature, but also maintain good properties, and can be used as aerospace materials.

Tungsten carbide (WC) powder was synthesized from tungsten anhydride (WO3) and graphite in a reductive atmosphere at a high temperature of 1400 ~ 1600℃.Dense ceramic products can be prepared by hot pressing sintering or hot isostatic pressing sintering.