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Nano Silicon Oxide (SiO2) - Powder

  • 14808-60-7

  • SiO2

  • 140801NPD

  • 99.0%

  • 20nm

  • 215-684-8


Color: White

Form: Nearly Spherical

BET: 80 (m2/g)

Bulk Density: 0.23 (g/cm3)

Technical Description of silicon dioxide powder

1. The product has high purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low loose packing density, and gas phase method, which overcomes the shortcomings of hard agglomeration, difficult dispersion and low purity of particles prepared by wet chemical method on the market;

2. High temperature resistance, large surface area, small particle size;  Good dispersion, suspension, vibration liquefaction;  It has good thixotropy;  It has good reinforcing and thickening effect.  After surface treatment, it has better hydrophilicity and lipophilicity.

3. There are a large number of unsaturated residual bonds and hydroxyl groups in different bond states on the surface, which deviate from the stable silicon oxygen structure due to the lack of oxygen on the surface, so it has high reactivity. The loose density of the powder is relatively small, and it is easy to disperse.

4. My company nano silicon oxide gas phase method of synthesis, small particle size, uniform and controllable, in view of the different customers to use system, the company can undertake specific surface treatment package, makes the nano silica powder can be stably dispersed in the solvent system, the formation of transparent or translucent sol, used in coating, glass, electronic packaging, etc.;

5. Has high reflectance of ultraviolet and visible light, and the reflectance of ultraviolet short wave (200~280nm) is 70%~80%;  The reflectance of uv long wavelength (280~400nm) is 80%~85%.  The reflectance of visible light (400~800nm) is above 85%.  The reflectance of near infrared of 800~1350 band is more than 70%.

Application of silicon dioxide powder

1. Rubber modification, sealant ceramic toughening, bonding agent modification, functional fiber additives, plastic modification, anti-paint aging additives;

2. Ceramic, nano ceramic, composite ceramic substrate;

3. Polymer: can increase the thermal stability and aging resistance of polymer;

4. Flame retardant materials, coatings, grinding media, cosmetics and other products;

5. The toughness, strength, elongation, flexability, uv aging resistance and thermal aging resistance of colored rubber products produced by adding a small amount of nano-sio2 into dissolved polybutadiene and chlorinated polyethylene reach or exceed epDM rubber;

6. After adding a small amount of nano silicon oxide to the traditional coating, the problems of poor suspension stability, poor thixotropy, poor aging resistance and low finish are well solved.



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