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Lithium ternary materials and lithium manganate's advantages and disadvantages

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Lithium manganate is replaced by LMO and ternary NCM

1. LMO has no precious metals and its price is relatively low; NCM suffers from high cobalt price and high price (high nickel material can reduce BOM cost, but increase process cost).

2. LMO voltage platform is high, ~3.75~3.8V, NCM voltage platform is low, 3.6-3.7V.

3. LMO spinel structure, safety is relatively better; NCM layered structure, easy to mix lithium nickel, poor safety (the higher Ni%, the worse).

4. In terms of the most critical gram capacity, LMO is lower and NCM is higher. Please refer to @Huoyao's answer for details.

5. LMO high temperature performance is particularly poor, so, the industrial usage is LMO doped ternary. Typical examples are LMO: NCM=7:3 (low cost, electric bicycle), 5:5 OR3:7, logistics vehicle 6. After adding LFP, overall cost: pure LMO < LFP≤LMO mixed WITH NCM < NCM7, and average life.

The characteristics of lithium manganese acid

1. Cost sensitive.

2. Energy density has certain requirements.

Areas with low safety requirements, such as electric bicycles, low-speed vehicles, etc.


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