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Cobalt disulfide: what is it? how does it work?

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Cobalt sulfide chemical formula CoS. Molecular weight 90.99.

There are two variants:

(1) α-COS: black amorphous powder. Soluble in hydrochloric acid. High cobalt hydroxide sulfide [Co(OH)S] is formed in air. From cobalt nitrate solution through hydrogen sulfide;

(2) beta CoS. Gray powder or red-silver-white octahedral crystals. The proportion of 5.45. Melting point 1,135 ℃. Soluble in acid, insoluble in water. It is obtained by stoichiometric cobalt powder and sulfur powder heated to 650℃ in a vacuum quartz sealed tube.

Physical and chemical properties of cobalt disulfide

Molecular formula: CoS2

Molecular weight: 123.063

Exact mass: 122.877342

PSA: 64.18000

LogP: 1.29640

Storage conditions: Sealed in a cool and dry place.

Stability: will not decompose when used and stored according to specifications. Insoluble in water, not alkali and acid (except HNO3 and aqua rega) erosion, heating to red heat will lose sulfur to form a gray sulfide.

Properties of cobalt 2 sulfide

1. Purity: 4N (99.99%)

2. Physical properties: black powder;

3. Process: high temperature and high pressure vacuum melting, heat diffusion after treatment;

4. Test: ICP-MS (the sum of all impurity elements is less than 100ppm), SEM (scanning electron microscope);

5. Particle size: -100 mesh;

6. Application: battery

7. Packaging: 1 kg/bottle, bottle vacuum packaging;

8. Service: provide material application solutions.

Cobalt 3 sulfide safety information

Dangerous goods mark: Irritating

Risk Terms : R43 - Possible sensitization by contact with skin.

R50 - Extremely toxic to aquatic organisms.

Safety Terms: S36/37 - Wear appropriate protective clothing and gloves.

S61 - Avoid release into the environment. Refer to the Special Instructions/Safety Data sheet.

Dangerous Goods Transport Code :UN 3077 9 / PGIII

Preparation of cobalt monosulfide

1. The newly prepared cobalt carbonate is mixed with three times the weight of sulfur, then ignited, burned and heated to a temperature slightly lower than red heat. If the product is not black, it is mixed with sulfur and burned again to obtain CoS2.

2. Make the mixture of H2S and N2 gas (according to the volume ratio of 1∶1) pass through the heated solid surface of CoSO4, the heating temperature is 450℃, and the reaction time is 2.5h, CoS2 can be generated.

Application of cobalt sulphide

Used for battery materials and semiconductor materials.


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