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Arsenic (As)-Pellets

  • 7440-38-2
  • As
  • 3300GN
  • 99.9 %-99.99999%
  • 3 - 80 mm.etc
  • 231-148-6


Arsenic is a chemical element with the symbol As and atomic number 33. Arsenic occurs in many minerals, usually in combination with sulfur and metals, but also as a pure elemental crystal. Arsenic is a metalloid. It has various allotropes, but only the gray form, which has a metallic appearance, is important to industry.

Phase at STP:solid

Appearance:metallic grey

Sublimation point:887 K (615 °C, 1137 °F)

Density (near r.t.):5.727 g/cm3

when liquid (at m.p.):5.22 g/cm3

Triple point:1090 K, 3628 kPa

Critical point:1673 K

Heat of fusion grey: 24.44 kJ/mol

Heat of vaporization:34.76 kJ/mol 

Molar heat capacity:24.64 J/(mol·K)


The primary use of arsenic is in alloys of lead (for example, in car batteries and ammunition). Arsenic is a common n-type dopant in semiconductor electronic devices, and the optoelectronic compound gallium arsenide is the second most commonly used semiconductor after doped silicon. Arsenic and its compounds, especially the trioxide, are used in the production of pesticides, treated wood products, herbicides, and insecticides. These applications are declining due to the toxicity of arsenic and its compounds.