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Tungstic Acid (H2WO4) - Powder

  • 7783-03-1
  • H2WO4
  • 01740800PD
  • 85%
  • 30-50nm,50-80nm
  • 231-975-2

PRODUCT   NAMETungsten   Acid(H2WO4)Tungsten   Acid(H2WO4)
PURITY %8585
SBET40—45 ㎡/g32—36 ㎡/g
PARTICLE SIZE30—50nm50nm-80nm
L.O.I %≤15≤15

Tungstic acid, Tungstic acid, can exist in many states, mostly as yellow powder or crystal. Soluble in hydrofluoric acid, gently soluble in caustic soda solution, insoluble in water and other acids.

CAS No.: 7783-03-1

Physical and chemical properties: yellow powder

Relative density: 5.5 g/cm3

Boiling point: 1473 ° C, losing 1 molecule of water when heated to 100 ° C to become tungstate anhydride

Solubility: slightly soluble in hot water, soluble in alkali, hydrofluoric acid and ammonia, almost insoluble in acid

Molecular weight: 249.86



1, Used for mordant, analytical reagents, catalysts, water treatment agents, the manufacture of fire, waterproof materials, as well as phosphotungstate, borotungstate, etc.

2, Used for the manufacture of metal tungsten, tungstic acid, tungstic acid, etc.

3, Used for mordant, pigment, dye, ink.

4, Textile workers used as fabric weighting agent, this product used as fabric additives, composed of tungstate acid, ammonium sulfate ammonium phosphate mixture for fiber fire and waterproof. This kind of fiber can be made into fireproof rayon and rayon. Can also be used for leather tanning.

5, Used for electroplating coating anticorrosion.

6, Used as a cosolvent to introduce porcelain glaze material can rise and fall low firing temperature and complement the effect of color.

7, Used in the petroleum industry and aviation, aerospace materials manufacturing.