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Titanium Metal (Ti) Powder for Hydrogen Fuel Cell

  • 7440-32-6
  • Ti
  • FK-TI-001
  • >99.7%
  • -200 Mesh
  • 231-142-3
  • Class 4.2
  • UN2546
  • PG II

Appearance: Silver-gray amorphous powder, no visible inclusions.

Product features: High purity, complete specifications, controllable particle size, and stable quality.

Titanium metal has good reversibility, hydrogen release properties and suitable temperature-pressure relationship at high temperature, and is a good raw material for hydrogen storage alloys. Titanium-based hydrogen storage alloys are intermetallic compounds generated from titanium and other transition metal elements (Fe, Co, Ni), etc. At present, there are Ti-Fe series and Ti-Ni series and V-Ti-Cr series V. -Ti-Mn-based, V-Ti-Fe-based alloys are used as negative electrode materials for nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Our Titanium powder (purity above 99.7%), mainly used in hydrogen fuel cells, and the particle size can be customized. 

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