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Nickel Iron Alloy (NiFe ( 36/64 wt%))-Sputtering Target

  • 11068-82-9
  • NiFe ( 36/64 wt%)
  • 282603ST
  • 99.9%
  • 2 inch dia x 0.125 inch th.


Nickel iron is mainly composed of nickel and iron, and contains Cr, Si, S, P, C and other impurities.Nickel is completely soluble in allo-iron with a solubility of 10% in allo-iron.The application of nickel lies in its corrosion resistance, which can be enhanced by adding nickel to the alloy.Chrome-nickel stainless steel is the main stainless steel variety of nickel consumption. Due to its excellent comprehensive performance, it has been widely used, accounting for 60% ~ 75% of the total output of stainless steel.


The main function of nickel in stainless steel is that it changes the crystal structure of steel.One of the main reasons for the addition of nickel to stainless steel is the formation of austenitic crystal structures that improve properties of stainless steel such as plasticity, weldability, and toughness, so nickel is called an austenitic forming element.

Nickel content up to 5% can improve the tensile strength and hardness of low carbon structural steel.It contains 3% nickel in carbon steel, which can improve its tensile strength, impact toughness, yield point and deformation capacity.NiCrMo structural steel with nickel content of 1%-4% is suitable for the automotive, locomotive and machinery industries due to its suitable ratio of tensile strength to mass.Steel for wear resistant members contains carbon in addition to these elements.The most important nickel-bearing steels and the largest users are stainless steel and heat-resistant special steels.For example, a series of heat-resistant stainless steels such as Cr18Ni9Ti and Cr17Ni11Mo2 have good thermal processing performance and are widely used in machinery, medical treatment, national defense and light industry.

Nickel has a slight graphitization in cast iron, which can stabilize pearlite and reduce ferrite content.Therefore, the nickel in cast iron is helpful to achieve uniform and integrated structure and good performance.The addition of small amounts of nickel (ni0.1% -1.0%) results in the formation of fine pearlite, and when nickel content is high, martensite and austenite are formed.Fine and stable pearlite can make cast iron have good machining performance and hardness.Therefore, nickel cast iron can be used to make castings in the automotive industry.