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Nano Titanium Oxynitride (TiON) - Powder

  • TiON
  • 22080700NPD
  • >99.0%
  • 30

Color: White

Form: Nearly spherical

BET: 60.13 (m2/g)

Bulk Density: 0.06 (g/cm3)

Technical Description of high purity titanium powder

Nano titanium nitrous oxide was prepared by laser plasma gas phase synthesis method, with high purity, no free carbon black spot impurities, no ammonium chloride impurities, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low loose density;  

The nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide powder in the photocatalyst is characterized by its stable chemical properties, strong REDOX and photocorrosion resistance, insolubility and low cost.  

Replacing a small amount of lattice oxygen by doping nitrogen in nano titanium dioxide can narrow the band gap of nano titanium dioxide, and make nano titanium dioxide have visible light activity without reducing the activity under ULTRAVIOLET light, and reduce the recombination probability of photoelectron-hole pair, so as to improve the limitation of photocatalysis of titanium dioxide.  

Nano titanium nitrous oxide powder is used as a catalyst for photocatalytic oxidation reaction to remove pollutants in the atmosphere and water and become an ideal material to solve energy and environmental problems. Nano titanium nitrous oxide can increase the absorption range of light from 5% ultraviolet light to 43% visible light.  

Application of high purity titanium powder

1. Nano titanium nitrous oxide application in sewage treatment: industrial sewage contains a large number of toxic and harmful organic substances, these pollutants with biological treatment technology is difficult to eliminate.  Under the condition of light, nano-tion has a strong oxidation effect, which can make the hydrocarbon, halogenate, carboxylic acid in water REDOX reaction, and gradually degraded, completely oxidized into environmentally friendly CO2, H2O and other harmless substances;  

2. Nano titanium nitro oxide is applied to photocatalyst: the gap width of nano TiON is less than 3.2eV, so it can still catalyze the degradation of toxic and harmful substances in the air under the condition of visible light wavelength above 400nm, and achieve the effect of purifying the environment, which is better than the pure anatase titanium dioxide photocatalyst;  

3. Nano titanium nitrous oxide applied to self-cleaning coating: nitrogen doped titanium dioxide powder has a strong catalytic oxidation, add it to the coating body, can decompose falling or adhere to the organic pollutants on the surface of the coating, degradation into CO2 and water and other substances, with the circulation of air away, in order to achieve the effect of self-cleaning;  

4. Nano titanium nitride application in antibacterial agent: nano TiON has strong photocatalytic bactericidal effect.  Under visible light irradiation, TiON will decompose water into free radicals, which enter the cell wall of bacteria, destroy the cell wall, degrade the cellular structure, and then kill cells, play an antibacterial and bactericidal role;  

5. Nano titanium nitrous oxide applied to antibacterial composite materials: TiON has strong photocatalytic ability, in plastic, rubber, fiber and other polymer materials to add an appropriate amount of nano TiON made of polymer composite materials, even in the weak light environment, can prevent mildew products, breeding bacteria;  

6. Nano titanium nitride is mainly used in the aerospace field, can be used as a very thin coating, for the hardening and protection of smooth surface, but also can be used as a non-toxic product in medical transplantation.  

7. With the development of industrial production and functional application of nitrogen-doped nano-tio2 photocatalytic products, it will play an ununderestimated role in the technological revolution in the fields of environment, information, materials, energy, medical and health.  



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