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Nano Silicon (Si) - Powder

  • 69012-64-2

  • Si

  • 4200NPD

  • >99.0%

  • 30nm

  • 273-761-1

  • Class 4.1

  • UN1346

  • PG III


Color: Yellow

Form: Spherical

BET: 42.4 (m2/g)

Bulk Density: 0.19 (g/cm3)

Due to dangerous materials, the delivery date cannot be fully guaranteed (maybe extended). Don't hesitate to contact us for details.

Technical Description of silicon metal powder

Nano silicon powder is prepared by gas phase method of variable current laser ion beam. The product has the characteristics of high purity, good dispersion, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, high surface activity, low loose density, good activity and large industrial yield.  Cw-si-001 nano silicon powder can be compounded with graphite and carbon nanotubes to produce nano silicon carbon anode material for lithium ion battery, which can improve the capacity and cycle times of lithium ion battery and prolong the service life.  Is a new generation of photoelectric semiconductor materials, with a wider gap energy.    

Application of silicon metal powder

Using nano-silicon powder particles to make nano-silicon wire is used in the nano-silicon carbon anode material of lithium battery, or in the nano-spherical silicon powder surface coated with graphite is used as the silicon carbon anode material of lithium battery, which improves the electric capacity and charge and discharge cycle times of lithium battery more than 3 times;  

Nano silicon powder is used in high temperature resistant coating and refractory materials, can react with organic matter, as the raw material of organic silicon polymer materials;  

Nano silicon powder can be applied to coating, forming nano silicon particle film, which is widely used in solar energy;  

Nano-spherical silicon powder is mixed with diamond under high pressure to form nano-sic diamond composite material, which can be used as cutting tool to provide strength and toughness.  

As nano silicon carbon anode material for lithium ion battery, nano silicon powder has high theoretical specific capacity (theoretical value up to 4200mAh/g), which is much higher than carbon material.  

More than ten kinds of silicon nanoparticle/silicon oxide nanostructures were designed on the silicon nanoparticle substrate, which realized the photoluminescence in all main bands from near ultraviolet to near infrared and the low threshold voltage electroluminescence under forward or reverse bias. The photoluminescence and electroluminescence models were proposed, which laid the foundation for the realization of silicon-based optoelectronic integration.  



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