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Erbium Oxide (Er2O3)-Powder

  • 12061-16-4
  • Er2O3
  • 680800PD
  • 99.9 %-99.999 %
  • -100-325 mesh
  • 235-045-7


Erbium(III) oxide, is synthesized from the lanthanide metal erbium.It has a pink color with a cubic crystal structure. Under certain conditions erbium oxide can also have a hexagonal form.

Chemical formula:Er2O3

Molar mass: 382.56 g/mol

Appearance: pink crystals

Density: 8.64 g/cm3

Melting point: 2,344 °C (4,251 °F; 2,617 K)

Boiling point: 3,290 °C (5,950 °F; 3,560 K)

Solubility in water:insoluble in water

Magnetic susceptibility (χ):+73,920·10−6 cm3/mol

Crystal structure:Cubic, cI80


The applications of Er2O3 are varied due to their electrical, optical and photoluminescence properties. Nanoscale materials doped with Er+3 are of much interest because they have special particle-size-dependent optical and electrical properties. Erbium oxide doped nanoparticle materials can be dispersed in glass or plastic for display purposes, such as display monitors. The spectroscopy of Er+3 electronic transitions in host crystals lattices of nanoparticles combined with ultrasonically formed geometries in aqueous solution of carbon nanotubes is of great interest for synthesis of photoluminescence nanoparticles in ‘green’ chemistry. Erbium oxide is among the most important rare earth metals used in biomedicine. The photoluminescence property of erbium oxide nanoparticles on carbon nanotubes makes them useful in biomedical applications. Erbium oxides are also used as gate dielectrics in semi conductor devices since it has a high dielectric constant (10-14) and a large band gap. Erbium is sometimes used as a coloring for glasses and erbium oxide can also be used as a burnable neutron poison for nuclear fuel.