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Copper Metal (Cu)-Powder

  • 7440-50-8
  • Cu
  • 2900PD
  • 99.5%-99.999%
  • Irregular / Spherical / Dendritic
  • 231-159-6
  • Class 4.1
  • UN3089
  • PG III

Copper powders are manufactured by water-atomising, air-atomising or by electrolysis to give irregular, spherical and dendritic morphologies respectively.

Physical property

Density:8.89g/cm3 ;  Melting point:1083℃ ;  Boiling point:~2500℃

Good electrical conductivity, heat conductivity, widely used in conductive materials and heat transfer materials good toughness, wear resistance.  

Technical Description

Our copper powder's characteristics are as follows:

  • High Purity, 99.999%

  • Huge size range, Strong selectivity, Micron to nanometer scale

  • Good reproducibility

  • Variety packaging options avaliable

The properties and uses of copper powder vary with particle shape/size/surface area.

Copper powder Applications

Copper powder is widely used in powder metallurgy, diamond tools, sealing materials, electrical copper powder thermal conductive materials, conductive materials, welding materials, superhard materials, friction materials, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Our copper powder series cover following kinds:

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