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Aluminum Silicon Alloy (AlSi)-Pellets

  • 11145-30-5
  • AlSi(99:1 wt%)
  • 131400SL
  • 99.99%
  • 0.25inch dia x 0.25inch length etc


Al-Si alloy (aluminium silicon alloy) is a kind of is given priority to with aluminum and silicon composition of forging and casting alloy, generally the silicon content of 11%, while adding a small amount of copper, iron, nickel in order to improve the strength and density of about 2.6 ~ 2.7 g/cm3, coefficient of thermal conductivity is about 101 ~ 126 w/(m ℃), young's modulus is 71.0 GPa, impact value is about 7 ~ 8.5 J, fatigue limit of plus or minus 45 mpa.

Ai-si alloy has certain strength, hardness and corrosion resistance due to its light weight and good thermal conductivity.

Chemical formula: AlSi


Density:2.7 g/cm3

Melting point:600-760 °C

Solubility in water:Insoluble


Al-Si alloy is a very important industrial alloy, widely used in aviation, transportation, construction, automotive and other important industries, also used to make low to medium strength complex shape castings, such as cover plate, motor housing, brackets, etc., also used as brazing solder.