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Target materials' classification

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Classification of the sputtering target materials

1. Metal target Nickel, Ni, titanium, Ti, zinc, Zn, Chromium, Cr, Magnesium, Mg, niobium, Nb, tin, Sn, Aluminum, Al, indium, In, Iron, Fe, zirconium, ZrAl, Titanium-aluminum, TiAl, zirconium, Zr, aluminum-silicon, AlSi, Silicon, Si, Copper, Cu, tantalum, T, A, Ge  , Silver target, Ag target, cobalt target, Co target, gold target, Au target, gadolinium target, Gd target, lanthanum target, La target, yttrium target, Y target, cerium target, Ce target, tungsten target, W, stainless steel target, NiCr target, hafnium target, Hf target, Molybdenum target, Mo target, fe-Ni target, FeNi target, tungsten target, W, etc.  

2. Ceramic Target Material, ITO Target, ferric oxide, magnesium oxide target, target, target, silicon carbide silicon nitride titanium nitride target target target, target, zinc sulfide, zinc oxide, chromium oxide, silica, target, target a silicon oxide, cerium oxide target, zirconium dioxide target, niobium pentoxide target target, target, titanium dioxide, zirconium dioxide, hafnium target, target, titanium diboride diboride zirconium target, tungsten trioxide target,  Aluminum oxide target tantalum pentaoxide, niobium pentaoxide target, magnesium fluoride target, yttrium fluoride target, zinc selenide target, aluminum nitride target, silicon nitride target, boron nitride target, titanium nitride target, silicon carbide target, lithium niobate target, praseodymium titanate target, barium titanate target, lanthanum titanate target, nickel oxide target, sputtering target, etc.  

3. Alloy Target Fe-Co Target FeCo, Al-Si target AlSi, Ti-Si target TiSi, Ti-Si Target CrSi, Zn-Al Target ZnAl, Ti-Zn Target TiZn, Ti-Al Target TiAl, Ti-Zr Target TiZr, Ti-Si target TiSi, Ti-Ni Target TiNi, Ni-Cr Target NiCr, Ni-Al Target NiAl, NI-V Target NiV, Ni-Fe Target NiFe...  


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